Abbiamo realizzato l’applicazione e la piattaforma del servizio di gestione e intrattenimento della clientela alberghiera, Knock.

Discover a new way to stay in Hotel! Knock is the only service you’ll ever need, with a private concierge, Hotel service reservations, chats and more, we’ve got you covered.

Knock turns any hotel check-in into a rich travel experience. Create your profile very easily (also using Social logins) and, at any of our partner hotels, you’ll be able to:
-Find your hotel, check services, chat with the front desk, book your room and check-in with activation code;
-Socialize with other guests in the hotel sending private messages to any other Knock user;
-Share your interests with other guests by creating chat Groups;
-chat with your personal concierge who can fulfill all your requests;
-book and/or share with other guests all Hotel services.

L’applicazione è disponibile al download per le piattaforme:

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